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If any of the following qualify you as driving in severe conditions: driving in stop-and-go traffic, frequent short trips, extreme temperatures, towing and hauling, driving at prolonged high speeds, frequent start-startups, and shutdowns of the ignition, extensive idling or driving in mountainous terrain. If the Transmission Multi-Point Inspection diagnosis that you have performed at the shop of Orlando determines you need a transmission, you can be confident that the unit that will be installed into your vehicle will provide years of dependable service. You will discover ATLAS Auto Repair & Transmissions are your most dependable solution we rebuilt all our transmission on-site using the highest quality parts available.

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Our Services

• Transmission Repair ​
• Complete Computer Diagnostics
• Safety Analysis
• Check Engine Light
• Tune-Ups
• Oil Changes
• Tires and Tire Sensors
• Brake repair specialist
• Catalytic systems
• Steering and Suspensions

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